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Jul 7, 2011
Hello cPanelers!

I currently have a dedicated server that I run at at DC with 62 domains on it serving the web. I went to upgrade PHP on it and I guess I guess Fedora 6 has been end of life for many years now, there might not be any new repositories that I can update from and yet yum cannot upgrade my php. Currently running MySQL client version: 5.0.27 and PHP, on a Linux sever running PLESK.

With that said, we are considering putting up a new server running cPanel/Linux/Apache and doing some migrating!

I have a few questions.

1. What is the lead time on how quickly the cPanel Migration Services can migrate my server over once I have the two servers running?

2. What kind of support do you offer once it's up and running?

3. Can you give me the details on this process?

Thanks and let me know.


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I have moved this ticket over to our Migrations forum.

1) You will typically receive an initial response with further information on the migration process within the first couple of hours after submitting a migration request. We will then complete the initial assessment which will allow us to provide you with a more accurate plan/schedule for the migration.

2) You can view our full range of support options at:

Support Options

3) The full process can be seen at:

Migrations to cPanel

Feel free to open a support ticket with us to begin the migration:

Submit A Ticket

Thank you.