Jun 13, 2017
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Hi there, I installed Wordpress through cPanel and see I have a plugin within my Wordpress install of "cPanel & WHM Site Software". I have a few dilemmas going on with installing through cPanel:
  • WP install is telling me it is up to date (4.7.3), but is out of date in reality (current version is 4.8)
  • WP doesn't give me any ability/option to upgrade from admin area
  • Wordfence is now alerting me to update to 4.8 as it fixed several security issues vs. what my site is now on.
I went into WHM, tried cPanel > Install cPAddons site software, and "Force refresh" but it still lists the most current version of WP available as 4.7.3.
I also tried looking in "Manage cPAddons site software" which also went nowhere.

  1. Where can I look to override cPanel's extension that is currently preventing me from updating my site?
  2. What is the purpose for this? My security plugin keeps alerting me this is a major security issue and it doesn't seem right that cPanel hasn't allowed the update in THIS long.
  3. Is there a way to reenable auto-updates on my WP install?
Thanks in advance.


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Apr 11, 2011

The latest version available from WordPress isn't immediately available as a cPAddon, as it must go through internal testing before we publish it. That said, you should now see WordPress 4.8 available when viewing the versions in "WHM Home » cPanel » Install cPAddons Site Software".

Note that in cPanel version 64, we updated the cPAddons feature to use RPMs to install WordPress:

64 Release Notes - Version 64 Documentation - cPanel Documentation

When you install WordPress through cPAddons with the RPM (as opposed to the Legacy WordPress cPAddon), it allows you to update WordPress through its own administrative interface. Additionally, cPanel version 66 will include the WordPress Manager feature, which should address your concerns:

66 Release Notes - Version 66 Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Thank you.