cPanel not displaying visitors' IP #s - displays ISP's IP instead


Jul 26, 2019
Thunder Bay, Ontario
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I am a website owner, and my ISP recently migrated my website to a newer server that features cPanel.

I have noticed that since the site has been migrated, most of the utilities in my WordPress site for recording visitors only show ISP's IP# - hundreds of times. I thought the ISP was checking up on my site! My site usually attracts 100-200 unique visitors each day, but no other IP # are showing. Interestingly, one of my WordPress site utilities DOES show me my visitors' actual IP #s, but it's just a "users online" utility that does not record or analyse stats.

Curious about all this, I went into cPanel and looked at the Visitors log, and even downloaded the RAW access logs - same thing! - looks as if my ISP is visiting me thousands of times, and virtually no one else. AW-Stats does not appear to be working at all - it says I have one or two visitors a day.

I have asked my ISP about this, he he acknowledges the problem, but he's busy this week, and I am curious - any idea what could be causing this situation? Anything I can tell him? Here is a screen-shot of my Visitors log:

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Thanks for any advice.



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Nov 14, 2017
Are you aware if your provider is using something such as nginx to proxy traffic? In the event they are a common issue would be to see only the provider's IP address. If you do not have root access (which I assume you do not based on your cPanel access level as website owner) you'll need to discuss this with your provider further.