Apr 13, 2002
Hello, This is the first time posting on this board. Just want to say hi and thanks to everyone who post, because the messages here are helpful in understanding cpanel and whm, which I think are awsome.

I am a hosting reseller who has customized my cpanel. I have used it at several different host and have updated as cpanel updates theirs. I just moved to a new server and sent them my cpanel, and they are saying that cpanel does not accept mine. Is that possible?

The files for my cpanel are at http://demo.littlestarhosting.com, it is a static demo for cpanel. They are excatly what I sent to my host.

They have tried to send me the new theme, because I was going to try to redesign off the new theme. But that hasn't worked. If anyone has the new cpanel theme and can zip it up for me, that would be great.

Any suggestions or comments would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Sarah :c)


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Aug 10, 2001
I don't think it is possible for &cpanel& not to accept a skin because basically you put the skin directory in /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend and the skin shows up in whm to use for accounts. The directory could have just one index.html file and it would still work. Perhaps your host is trying to upload your theme through whm.. if that is the case you need to do the following:
tar up your theme directory so you end up with skin.tar.gz, then rename it to skin.cptheme (skin being the name of your cpanel skin). Send the skin.cptheme to your host. Now whm should accept your skin through the &Install a New Cpanel Theme& area.

If that still doesn't work, e-mail your host and tell them not to be lazy.. to place the directory in manually through the command prompt. :p