Cpanel novice + addon domains + DNS + hosts file = fail


Apr 25, 2012
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Hi Guys,

Firstly I am total cpanel novice so please be gentle!

I am transferring a website from my server (nginx, debian, no fancy control panels) to its new owner who has their own WHM VPS server. They have provided me with both the root logins and also the login details for their main 'user' account so that I can do the transfer for them.

My intention was to transfer my website to their server, set everything up in the background and then when I was sure it was all ready to go live, switch over the DNS to point to their server.

The first hurdle I came across was that it would not let me add a new 'addon domain' which was not using his DNS servers. After a bit of research I got around this by changing the 'allow remote domains' under the root admin area.

Now that I've managed to add the 'addon domain' and it has created a folder for it underneath his main /home/username/www directory, I cannot seem to access any files (html or php) I place in there.

I've changed the hosts file on my own PC to resolve the domain name to his server (rather than going through dns to resolve to mine), but all I am presented with when I try to visit the website is a "Default Website Page" even if I try to access files I know that are on there.

What am I doing wrong? I don't want to point the domain to his server until I can be 100% sure that the website is ready to go live.