cPanel on Amazon AWS, your thoughts?


Oct 2, 2019
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Root Administrator
hey guys,

It's been awhile since working admin on cPanel so I'm a bit rusty, but here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

Install cPanel on Amazon AWS so that a client's site is served on the nearest server location to the sites user. For example, if a visitor is from somewhere in Europe, it serves it via Amazon's europe servers.

Lastly, I'm trying to run a REALLY trimmed down version of cPanel with very limited features. Basically the bare minimum to run Wordpress (no email, or any of the nitty-gritty cPanel features).

So I guess my question is: Where do I start considering the above info?

is cPanel even a viable option to run on Amazon AWS? Am I using EC2 to get that redundant/closest location serving of pages?

Thank you for your time.
=Big Mamba