cPanel on RedHat Enterprise Linux 3


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May 13, 2003
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Originally posted by dgbaker
I wish we did.... This was one of the latest replies from one DC we are using (not for much longer mind you).

This DC does advertise support and servers with RHEL.
Ha ha ha, Yeah I got a similiar reply from a NOC that advertises RHEL. I was browsing their site and a live chat popped up. So I asked "what price for RHEL". They replied "What is RHEL, can I be of further service". Not likely...

At least my current NOC knows what RHEL is, when it will be deployed and how it will be deployed, as well as an unbeatable price...

Tom Pyles

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Apr 26, 2002
I'd love to know what DC that is. We currently use several DC's and only one is offering RHEL with new servers. I'd hate to think that it was them.