Mar 31, 2004
hey everyone

im not very good with scripting, just wondering if its possible to somehow use the same passwords that users use for cpanel with a separate script?

i would like to make jamroom ( available to my clients, but if they currently are hosting with me i dont want them to have to use separate passwords.

thank you


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Jan 26, 2004
I don't think its a good idea... it would be multi server.. blah.

I ran into the same problem you did, and users have to have 2 logins now :)

1 for billing/support one for their sites panel.

You could have 1 cpanel (On your main site) and store their passwords on that and then use it to log into cpanel, and remove the change password link.

But, as you can guess this would not be very secure.... since it would all be in 1 database - if it ever got exposed all your servers are at risk.

You could also use the password reset feature, reset their password then forward them to the new URL to access their panel :)