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Sep 8, 2005
I recently moved an account from one server to another. The old server had PHP installed with PDF/PDFlib support enabled through EasyApache.

The new server does not have this support (which I unfortunately found this morning when I went to make a PDF).

I have spent the last three hours attempting to get PDFlib to work, but now I am stumped.

First I checked EasyApache, but there is no PDF/PDFlib option anymore... crap.

Then I went to the PDFlib site and downloaded the newest version. It contains the libpdf_php.so file, so I dropped it in, edited php.ini, restarted Apache and SWEET... it worked! EXCEPT it has "www.pdflib.com" plastered all over every page. :(

So I then searched around and finally (of course) saw exactly what I needed in a comment on the PHP documentation:

PHP: Installation - Manual (Only comment there)

So I compiled PDFlib-Lite and installed... no problem.

The PECL install was more difficult because it requires interaction which cannot be done through WHM (hint hint...).

When I tried it from the command line it was attempting to compile in a noexec mount (which took me forever to figure out), so I used the instructions here to finally install it:

Installing PECL extensions from command line shell

Huge thanks to david510.

So I got the extension in the directory, edited the php.ini, and then restarted Apache... And I STILL get:

Fatal error: Class 'PDFlib' not found in...
I have left out many other things I tried in the middle of all that, including copying over the old pdf.so from the other box, which had the same result.

Any thoughts?? :confused:



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Dec 29, 2003
I watching for replies, dont have this issue but needing to do this install as well - havent gotten to far yet.