Aug 3, 2003
Quezon City, Philippines
I just want to know if CPanel has any control of what authorized hosts/resellers are charging for clients to use it? I've recently noticed the extremes in pricing and this is beginning to affect me in a negative way as a reseller of CPanel. Ive seen hosts selling 50Mb for $1.00/month. Come on, how crazy is that?
Isn't there a way to standardize our pricing or at least have a legal price range? :( Support Ticket Number:


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Nov 10, 2001
ON, Canada
Cpanel pricing has nothing to do with end users. The cpanel license is per server. Where I get mine, it's $30/month for cpanel for any number of accounts, so if I had 1000 clients, it would only be 3 cents per client to cover my cpanel cost.


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Jun 30, 2002
This is a problem with the industry in General, and not related to CPanel.

A lot of small hosting companies have NO idea how to run a business....

They think they'll make a lot of money at 1$ per month, but don't factor in the credit card processing cost and the fact that nobody really takes them seriously.

Webhosting is a serious business, but unlike a brick and mortar company, it is not easy to distinguish a serious company from a bunch of losers.

This is our market...

I know a lot of my clients know there are cheaper companies, yet they stick with me because of the service.

And I am sure most members of this board are in the same situation...

CPanel won't fix it !

Heck, I wouldn't want CPanel to tell me how to run MY business, just as my resellers don't want me to tell them how to run theirs. Support Ticket Number: