Mar 27, 2003
Tried installing cpanel pro via "manage plugins".
It tries to install imagemagick and perlmagick.

Imagemagick doesn't compile as it cannot find 64bit libs, therefore I tried the following:
- downloaded the latest imagemagick (current version is 6.3.7)
- gave LDFLAGS and EXTRALIBS (for x11r6 png libs 64bit and etc)
- that compiled fine

going to perlmagick, issuing
- perl Makefile.PL
- make && make install
- this installed it (checked via perl -e 'use Image::Magick')
- restarted cpanel, just in case pro would show up, it didn't.
- tried uninstalling and installing cpanel pro again, didn't help
- tried rpm imagemagick, imagemagick devel and perl, then installing cpanel pro over, didn't help.

cpanel pro doesn't show anywhere, tried uninstalling it, installing it again; also tried uninstalling and installing of Imagemagick, Imagemagick-devel, Imagemagick-perl.

OS is Centos 4.x (fully patched to latest)
Cpanel is STABLE (latest 18450

any ideas?
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