cPanel redirecting to default page (apache_port bug)


Jul 19, 2006
Hi there,

As I am using different webservices in front of cPanel's apache, after updating to cPanel 11.40.0 I had issues with new accounts or new subdomains that lead me to discovering this bug.

New cPanel version ignores apache_port when adding a new virtualhost (createacct).
Instead of creating the virtualhost with (my modified port)
it creates it with .

This is a BUG, please test it yourself on any cPanel 11.40.0 and change in tweak settings, apache binding port to or any other port.
Save, create a new account, and after creating the new account check httpd.conf and see if the virtualhost is created with the new correct port or the default apache one.

As cPanel does not have any public bug report, I am writing it here, and for anyone that has this issue, as a workaround for those who encounter this issue (not for subdomains) add this to /scripts/postwwwacct

service httpd restart