cPanel resellers and not being allowed to submit tickets directly to cPanel


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Jul 23, 2009
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Hello, I have a small problem with my current licence seller (external licence for a dedicated server). I dont know if this is something that is normal with all sellers but this particular one doesnt like if I submit tickets directly to cPanel regarding problems with my cPanel.

I submitted a ticket sometime ago directly to cPanel regarding a bug which they fixed. Shortly I receive a email from my reseller that I am not allowed to do this, I should ask them for support because they have to pay cPanel $50 for each ticket I make to cPanel, I got a warning.

Last night I submitted a ticket to cPanel after I posted a thread on cPanel's forum about a bug with the newest Easyapache build (PHP 5.4.4). A cPanel staffmember asked me to do this and told me it was perfectly fine that I submit tickets directly to them even though I buy my licence from a reseller.

I got a email again tonight where my reseller stated the former rule and threatened to fine me if I did it again.

Is this how things work with resellers or do I have a bad reseller? Do you receommend any good sellers that dont have this rule?


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Oct 2, 2010
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Re: cPanel resellers and not being allowed to submit tickets directly to cP

When you submitted the ticket, did you use our bug report area as indicated? It would have been area. In that area, you do not provide your server access number typically, so I'm uncertain how it would have even tracked back to your server.

I also have not heard of people being charged before in this manner when submitting complimentary tickets, so our customer service ([email protected]) might need to be asked about this instead. [email protected] isn't technical support, so you can email them to ask questions (if you are worried, please don't provide your access ID from WHM > Support Center > Contact cPanel).

Also, we do appreciate that you reported the bug. Yours was the first report of PHP 5.4 not having a working IonCube, and we ended up opening an internal case to get it fixed. I'm terribly sorry that your provider is trying to charge you for submitting that bug.


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Nov 9, 2001
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Re: cPanel resellers and not being allowed to submit tickets directly to cP

I've never heard of this, nor have we ever been charged by cPanel because of a customer contacting cPanel directly for support. Honestly I don't see how it's even possible since a distributor really has no control over what a customer does. We do encourage our customers to submit support tickets with us first, the reason mainly being that they purchased the license through us and we should be supporting that license! Back in the day when there were only a few distributors the distributor had to provide support, if a customer wanted support from cPanel directly they had to pay cPanel for it. These days there are dozens of distributors, many of them cant support the software and there only selling point is to drop the price down to beat the next guy. Sad really whats happened but it is what it is. If your having troubles with your current distributor and would like to move feel free to contact us. We'll make the transition painless.