Cpanel resetting mysql user password


Mar 3, 2005
Using phpMyAdmin, I have created a mysql user with access from localhost (dr001@localhost). I logged into the WHM and then linked into the cPanel account for one of my domains. The username of the domain and the mysql user created in phpMyAdmin are the same (dr001). I was planning to transition the database, which is currently outside of cPanel's scope, into cPanel for ease of management, backup, and transfer. Yes, I should have created the database with cPanel from the start, but we've moved to this server from another that did not have cPanel. When I loaded https://servername:2083/frontend/x/sql/index.html for the domain in question (logged in as root), the password for the mysql user was changed to the same as the mysql root password. I hadn't even created a database through cPanel yet.

Is this a bug or a feature?