cPanel Server Security & Management Best Practices?


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Apr 6, 2012
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As the 3 sticky threads in this forum have aged quite a bit, I was wondering if cPanel/WHM has some kind of "Best Practices" configuration available for the 'best' deployment on specific servers?

I can imagine many people buying a VPS/dedicated server to host websites (php/mysql/Mariadb/nginx/Wordpress), while they probably don't want their server/websites exploited or hacked. So, they get cPanel and are able to 'somewhat' manage their server.

The basics work, yet I feel cPanel could play a bigger role in the department of having proper control over a server. There's a reason why people install ConfigServer/CSE scripts for 'added' security, even though IMO this kind of security should be among the basic features. Just like having a counter-measure against sites/scripts claiming too many resources or specific visitors hammering the server with requests.

Is it true that the "Security Advisor" feature is still the only step in this direction? Bein an advisor, rather than a big shiny button that nicely 'hardens' a server deployment?


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Apr 11, 2011