cPanel setup with CloudLinux (partitioning, inodes)


Oct 9, 2014
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Hey guys,

I am planning to setup cPanel on my OVH CL server. I am using the CloudLinux template provided by ovh, but as this template seems to be partitioned incorrectly I thought I should ask in the forums for the correct partition scheme.
My server has 2 x 2 TB HDD (software raid 1). I've read the installation guide - advanced partition article, but as I have no experience with cPanel yet it would be nice if you could help me setting the correct amount of GBs to the partitions.

1. How much GB do I need on each of this
/ (recommended 40GB ? )
/boot 250mb
/usr (recommended 16 GB ? )
/var recommended 16 GB ? )
/tmp 2GB
(securetmp - do I need this?)
swap - 16 GB? (I've 32GB DDR3 RAM)

2. There are some recommendations for the inode settings, but actionally I don't know where / how to add the inodes to the partitions..

Thanks for your help!!


Jun 11, 2014
I do not see any issue with your filesystem setup. I would however like to point out the below:

/usr - This partition is where the Apache access logs are stored for individual domains. If you have a large number of domains, these logs can quickly take up take up quite a bit of space.
/var - This partition is is where your MySQL databases are stored.

As such, you may want to consider increasing the space allotted to these partitions. In my opinion, it is always better to have more allotted rather then less up front as you generally cannot increase these partition sizes at a later time.