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Aug 3, 2008
Had an absolutely horrible experience with that I wanted to share with everyone here, so you are aware of the ongoing issues this company is now having.

I have been offering hosting services to my clients for about 7 years now, and recently been working with CPANEL and WHM 11 for first time on our new servers. I was looking for some nice CPANEL and WHM skins and ran across The concept was real simple: I dont have the time to learn to reskin CPANEL for my own company branding, so I would just buy an attractive skin, swap out logos and maybe few small things, and be on my way. Time is of the issue here, as I wanted to get this done ASAP as I migrate some client websites over to this new server. site is well put together, impressive skin screenshots, and overall I felt pretty confident when I spent $80 for the CPANEL 7 WHM "Radiance" skin. What followed was extremely frustrating and lack of professionalism with the owner of that site William Wilson.

The short is that the "Radiance CPANEL & WHM Skin Set" for $80 was EXTREMELY BUGGY. Some pages the graphics were misaligned, other pages tons of javascript errors, some links did not even was very disappointing. The more I looked around, the more bugs I found to the point where it was completely unuseable.

Being that I work for a web development company and understand how easily there can be bugs with skins / simple programming errors, etc....I was really cool about it and reported these issues to William via the trouble ticket system.

Opened a ticket on 7/1/08 with "round 1" of bugs found. Posted additional info day later. On 7/3/08 William responded and asked me to give more details. Fair enough, so I listed out everything I found so far and even sent more screenshots same day. For whatever reason that reply to the ticket was not found in the ticket on 7/6/08 I reposted the info and stressed getting this resolved ASAP or just give me a refund since I couldnt use it as is.

On 7/12/08 I added to the ticket indicating I still had no heard anything back from him, and since he refused to reply back...I contacted paypal to request a refund and gave them full details. Guess what? REFUSES to give a refund to anyone who purchases "virtual goods", as they say there is no way to prove whether those were received or not. I even provided them a copy of the trouble ticket and still did no good.

On 7/13/08 William finally replied, said he completely understood my position and that updates had been completed and to try to update it. I replied with few questions, which AGAIN went completely ignored. I finally figured out how to update it, downloaded it and while I did notice SOME of the bugs fixed....there ended up being allot of NEW BUGS found!

So finally on 7/29/08 I posted my final reply to him telling him bugs still existed, and asked for a refund within 2 days or I would be sharing this horrible experience with CPANEL related forums and reporting this to my bank account attached to my paypal account. I even waited a bit longer until today 8/3/08...and still no reply at all!

As such I am sad to say that I am sharing this experience with everyone now and HIGHLY suggest you think twice before purchasing CPANEL / WHM Skins from I am out $80, had to work on reskinning this myself. His site CLEARLY states his skins are CPANEL and WHM 11.0+ compatible, which apparently is NOT the case!

While I can only speak for the RADIANCE SKIN set, Williams replies in the ticket indicate he is FULLY aware of the ongoing issues, says he needs to redo ALL of his skins...yet is STILL SELLING THEM COMPLETE WITH BUGS!!

I have a PDF copy of the entire trouble ticket for anyone who wants to view the details on this below:


All I ask is that you fully read this post and the attached PDF before you consider buying from so you can see what a horrible experience I had and how unprofessional the owner was. Seems real simple to me: If you sell a product that tons of bugs are found, communicate well with your customer...try to fix it quickly...and if you can't, give them a refund...instead of keeping their money while they have a product which doesnt work!
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