cPanel, SSL, Google and port 443


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Mar 19, 2008
INFO: Our site contains adult(ish) material

I am trying to "verify" our website with Google using their webmaster dashboard, However, they wish to verify using

Adding :443 after the domain name simply resolves to default cPanel SSL page.

Do I need to install an SSL certificate just to verify our site with Google ?
Is there a way to just redirect the request to port 80 ?

In WHM >> Main >> SSL/TLS >> Manage SSL Hosts I see no certificate for our domain so I assume we don't currently have one.

I have also reviewed httpd.conf and this seems to confirm that there's no SSL certificate installed for our domain. Neither do I see any host using port 443 or an include for ssl.conf

I am very concerned about proceeding with SSL as I have no experience with it. From reading various articles on the web there are a number of pitfalls to look out for, not the least of which are .....
- Users no longer able to access the site in the normal way, via port 80
- Apache startup interrupted by authentication request.

Sorry to ramble on but I'm just brain dumping (and floundering). I am hoping that there's a more straightforward way to achieve this.

Any assistance will be gratefully received.

Our server is running CentOS 4 and Apache 1.3.37

Regards, Jim