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Cpanel, stop pulling stunts please.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Roy@ENHOST, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. Roy@ENHOST

    Roy@ENHOST Well-Known Member

    Mar 5, 2002
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    Los Angeles California
    To Cpanel staff:

    You guys added ixed to php.ini a while ago.
    I have no idea what you guys were thinking when you did that.
    It is just violating a standard programming practice. Even a novice programmer would have known better not to do that.
    Ixed is not compatible with Ioncube, and might not be fully compatible with other extensions.
    OK, you guys didn't know about it. Understandable.
    Even after knowing that it is not compatible, what did you guys do?
    Virtually Nothing .
    You guys provided a "solution"
    But even after implementing a "solution" provided by Nick a while ago, customers are still not doing well with the couple of extra steps. Our application got labelled buggy,customers cancelling their accounts, you effectively added lots of unnecessary support burden pertaining to ixed to the Cpanel Skin Depot team and also our customers (who are also your customers). I do not mind at all if Cpanel is committed to fixing the error.

    The funny thing is that we don't even use ixed, we use Ioncube.
    0 Support requests due to Ioncube.
    dozens of ixed support requests for ixed a day.
    You judge for yourself if this is fair to us.

    We did made it be known to you that it is a bad idea about ixed(or any extensions) in php.ini
    We did made it be known to you guys about the existence of a more elegant solution for everybody, a solution that will allow extensions (Ixed,Ioncube,Zend,mmcache) to work side by side in harmony.
    But you guys refuse to listen and kept the extension.

    Cpanel Skin Depot not the only one experiencing this problem. Other 3rd party developers are having a hard time due to this.I received msgs from other Ioncube based 3rd party developers regarding this, asking for advise on this matter. At the present moment, Cpanel's architecture is very hostile to Ioncube developers.I mean it is shutting out Ioncube. We spent countless hours making our products as compatible with Cpanel and what we got in return is you guys hitting us down and made our product incompatible with yours.

    Adding ixed to the default installation of any control panel , not just Cpanel,is absurd. Not just ixed, adding any extensions to php.ini would effectively means incompatibility for other extensions. Don't you guys know about this???? You guys are the market leader, so please behave like one. It is time to stop clowning around. If you were to mention adding any extensions to php.ini to any other control panel providers(DA,HSPhere,ENSIM,Plesk), no matter what they will not do it.Yet you guys did the impossible. :eek:
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  2. rs-freddo

    rs-freddo Well-Known Member

    May 13, 2003
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    Root Administrator
    Have to agree with Roy, you can't just add an extension to php.ini willy nilly. All that had to be done was check for the existence of Fantastico and then run /scripts/checkphpini. Of course to be fair you should also check for the existence of other 3rd party add-ons and add the appropriate loaders.

    But really the easiest thing to do is make upcp look for a post install script and run it if it exists - like postwwwacct. I for one always have to manually run a post upcp script, to change certain things back to the way i like them, yep /scripts/checkphpini is included in my script.
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