cPanel Store certifficates pricing vs comission (Market Provider Manager)


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Oct 22, 2010
Hello, i found new feature - Market Provider Manager
I see cPanel users now can buy SSL certifficate from within cPanel > SSL/TLS Wizard

It shows this pricing to the cpanel users:

cPanel DV SSL Certificate
($9.00 USD total)
COMODO DV SSL Certificate
($12.00 USD total)

in WHM i see i can edit the price:

cPanel DV SSL Certificate
Enter a multiple of $0.12.
The minimum price is $3.00.
The maximum price is $30.00.

So i can allow cpanel users to purchase for a minimum price $3 ?

I see when i set $3 price, i get comission $1 on top of that from cpanel. And client pay only $3 right?