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Jan 29, 2003
I'm going to vent now. For the last 3 years we've been running cPanel without any issues. I'm happy with the product and it works extremely well for our business as well as our customers.

At one point we decided that it was beneficial to our customers as well as ourselves to use NAT on our network. I'm sure you're all aware how NAT works and you can set it up in many different fashions. We've setup the One-to-One NAT, which eliminates the ambiguity with some server software, etc.

3 years later and cPanel support guys are now consistently preaching that they don't support NAT and that NAT doesn't work, where we've been running it successfully for the last 3 years.

Now, I'm one to listen and agree with anyone permitting that there is a logic there. But, it seems that when the word NAT Is mentioned, all wheels come to a screeching halt with support.

If cPanel doesn't work with NAT, then make sure that you mention it on your requirements page: http://www.cpanel.net/products/cPanelandWHM/linux/sys_requirements.htm

And if it did and it will no longer, then at least announce it to the existing customers.

I'm done venting now.