Dec 21, 2008
Hi Everyone ,

I'm just so excited and had to put up a post or something. The past week I been dealing with cPanel support. My issues all have been self inflicted wounds , educational issues. They did not shoe me away they stood by me and help resolve everything and educate me . That is a true quality support so if anyone ever wonders how good their support is well this is a living testimonial . I am going to call out these guys /Gals who helped me keep in mind I kept reopening tickets because of the lack of knowable ( My fault :eek:) . In other words I was a pain in the ass to them . They kept a smile ( so I think ) and help me hats off and thank you guys for the excellent support !!! keep in mind there was some handovers because of shift changes and my response times to answer some of thier questions however when there was shift changes We did not have to redo the troublshooting its as if I was still working with the same person . However you have that setup is working out great . normally shift changes things get lost in translation. Just superb
Hats off !!
Tristan W
Brian D
Matthew S
Sean S
Sean M


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May 20, 2003
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Hi weaklinks,

I love to read posts like this! I'm not cPanel Technical Support, but I know and work with the people you've named here and agree with your comments. cPanel Technical Support is World Class support and these folks are indeed, amazing.

They don't get to see enough threads like this one, but they should.

Well played, Sir. Thank you for posting back.