Jun 7, 2013
South Africa
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Root Administrator
I have a single server with approximately 50 domain accounts on currently. It used to run EasyApache 3 which I upgraded to 4 and took me several months to sort out a particular small issue (memlimit) but love the multiphp select and make good use of it. I still run mysql 5.5. I had a few crashes lately which I believe it to be mysql writing to disk. Not knowing much, I used percona tool to generate an optimum my.cnf file. It broke mysql and am currently struggling with getting this fixed (I have a ticket open atm).

I'm too scared to do anything on my server. Any changes I need to apply, I actually cringe and dread. I'd love to upgrade mysql from 5.5 to anything higher but I'm terrified of this too. When even thinking to upgrade mysql 5.5 to 5.6 or even mariadb as it clearly says there that there is no going back. What if my sites break? What if my system breaks? I'm no expert when it comes to servers, mysql, etc.

The reason I'm mentioning all of the above, is that I'd love to have some sort of staging / test server, where I can replicate the server, run sort of a dry run, and if i'm happy with the result, can commit the change. The problem though is cpanel licenses are just too expensive for a small host to use just for a testing server. Does cpanel have a test server license of some sort? Not the cpanel trial of 15 days. That's impractical. Or is there a better way to test something first?