cPanel to cPanel migration problem..


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Sep 4, 2006
The support team at softlayer have seemingly exhausted their resources on this.. new server provisioned yesterday, two drives on both old and new boxes.. Get error when trying to copy sites from old to new.. I've got a TT in on this since this AM but thought I'd see if anyone could give me a clue so I could maybe fix it myself..

Attempting to copy blist387 from my.ip.addy
 Testing my.ip.add for xfer streaming support....Supported!
 Packaging the account: (/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/pkgacct --use_backups --skiphomedir blist387 ~admin --split --compressed --mysql 5.5 --skipbwdata)...
 pkgacct started.
 pkgacct -- attempting to use daily backup to create a account package
 [backupmount] Setting up mount
 [backupmount] running: /bin/mount /backup/
 mount: /dev/sdb1 already mounted or /backup busy
 mount: according to mtab, /dev/sdb1 is already mounted on /backup
 [backupmount] running: /bin/mount -o remount,rw /backup/
 Failed to mkdir /backup//cpbackup/cpmove: File exists at /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/pkgacct line 234.
 pkgacct using daily backups to decrease package time
 Hard linking daily backup (/backup//cpbackup/daily/cpmove-blist387) to working dir (/backup//cpbackup/cpmove/cpmove-blist387).............
 pkgacct version 10 - user : blist387 - tarball: 1 - target mysql : 5.5 - split: 1 - incremental: 1 - homedir: 0 - archive version: 3 - running with uid 0
 pkgacct working dir : /backup//cpbackup/cpmove/cpmove-blist387
 Copying Reseller Config...Done
 Copying Suspension Info (if needed)...Done
 Copying SSL Certificates, CSRS, and Keys...Done
 Copying Domain Keys....Done
 Copying Counter Data....Done
 Copying Dns
 Copying Mail files....Done
 Copying frontpage (site) (site) (fpcfg) (fpcfg) (fpcfg) (fpcfg)...Done
 Copying proftpd file....Done
 Copying www logs.......log file sizes [577 byte(s)]
 Copy userdata...Done
 Copy custom virtualhost templates...Done
 Copying mailman lists and archives....
 Determining mysql dbs......mysql version: 5.0......mysqldump version: 5.0...Saving mysql privs...mysql skipped (last change @ Wed Jun 12 01:23:23 2013, current backup @ Wed Jun 12 03:26:24 2013)
Skipping Logaholic Backup. Logaholic is globally disabled on this system.
Storing mysql dbs...horde.turba_objects.........
 (1578 bytes) horde.turba_shares(1530 bytes) horde.horde_prefs(1570 bytes) horde.kronolith_shares(1596 bytes) horde.kronolith_storage(1596 bytes) horde.mnemo_memos(1574 bytes) horde.nag_tasks(1566 bytes) ...Done
 Copying cpuser file.......Done
 Copying crontab file.......Done
 Copying quota info.......Done
 Domain data backup is already current....Done
 Storing ssl domain......Done
 Copying password.......Done
 Copying shell.......Done
 Creating Archive .............

 pkgacct target is: /backup//cpbackup/cpmove/cpmove-blist387
 [backupmount] Shutting down mount
 [backupmount] running: /bin/mount -o remount,ro /backup/
 [backupmount] running: /bin/umount /backup/
 umount: /backup: device is busy
 umount: /backup: device is busy
 393.89 GB free, need 3.81 MB
 Using the archive split method!
 File #1: /backup//cpbackup/cpmove/cpmove-blist387-split/cpmove-blist387.tar.gz.part00001: 059b0def1ac5f28bde08b7350289339d
 Copy Destination: /home
 Remote file is: /backup//cpbackup/cpmove/cpmove-blist387-split/cpmove-blist387.tar.gz.part00001
 Setting permissions on the account package... 
chown: changing ownership of `/backup//cpbackup/cpmove/cpmove-blist387-split/cpmove-blist387.tar.gz.part00001': Read-only file system
 chown: changing ownership of `/backup//cpbackup/cpmove/cpmove-blist387-split': Read-only file system

Command failed with exit status 1
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Sep 4, 2006
Hey shortfork,

If you could open up a ticket we'd be happy to dig in further.

Thanks Blaine... I actually put in a ticket before I posted.. I've been spinning my wheels on this and the reason we're moving to the new box for almost a week and I'm pretty spent!!

Softlayer is currently looking at it... probably important for you to know.. I don't see real progress... maybe but.. Damn they do try hard there though! (not meant as plug for softlayer)

Anyway... THANKS! I love cPanel.. (most of the time.. grin)

Wayne Sagar


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

It looks like this is the result of the following error message noted in the transfer logs you provided:

Read-only file system
You will need to ensure the file system is not in read-only mode so the transfer can proceed normally. This sometimes requires FSCK (File System Check) during a system boot.

Thank you.


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Sep 4, 2006
Thanks for the help everyone, we managed (a while ago) to get it fixed and all's well now...