cPanel to S3 Script using the new backup system not deleting remote files


Sep 24, 2013
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Root Administrator
Hi All,

I wrote a backup destination for the new backup system which sends files to Amazon S3. The script can be found here: /
It's quite simple and just shims in the S3cmd tool.

The script is not cleaning out old backups on S3. I'm not entirely sure why and I can't find an example, eg the SFTP backup destination source would be a nice reference?

I'm wondering if it could be because I didn't properly implement the get_ls() method? If someone with some experience with the backup system could help that would be great.

What would help to debug
  1. With what parameters is the script called to delete remote backups?
  2. When is the script called? Maybe it happens at a different time to when the backup runs?