cPanel Transfer need to change DNS to new server


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Nov 8, 2010
Bend, OR
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I may have missed something but when I tried to do a cPanel to cPanel transfer the only option to setup the accounts with the settings on the new server forced the account to be suspended on the old server. Ideally I want to change the nameservers and records to reflect that of the new host and leave the site live until I am ready to change the nameservers at the domain registry. Did I overlook something or is this need to be a feature request?


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Oct 2, 2010
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Did you use express transfer? Is this what you are talking about for the transfer causing the old site to be suspended? It shouldn't be suspended but a redirection page, though.

If this is what you used, instead of using express transfer, do not check that option. The sites should move to the new server with the new nameserver settings provided you've setup the new nameservers in WHM > Basic cPanel & WHM Setup on the new server. Until you've changed the nameservers at the registry, the sites should still resolve to the old server.