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May 20, 2003
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From cPanel Events News page:

cPanel is very excited about the HostingCon debut of cPanel University!

cPanel University is a cPanel Certification that you can use to brag about how much you know about cPanel & WHM. That is if you can pass. We don't just hand these things out like swag you find at a booth. This is a legitimately hard test that only 20% of people pass the first level of the tech certification. And no one has passed the last level of the test.

I know what you are thinking, "Challenge Accepted!" Right now you can go take the first level of certification at and test your metal. If you have the skills to pass the first level then come take the test at HostingCon2012.

Still think you can take the test without preparing? We have four different sessions going on that are tailored to cramming all the knowledge about cPanel & WHM you can fit into your head.

What are the sessions? I'm glad you asked!

  • cPanel University Introduction with Eric Ellis
  • cPanel Technical Review 101 with Todd Thrash covering EasyApache, PHP, and ruid2
  • cPanel's Guide to giving your Sales Team more Street Cred. with David Grega
  • cPanel Technical Review 201 with Eric Ellis covering Tomcat, Ruby, and PostgreSQL
These people didn't write the book on cPanel University, they wrote the test!

We took our test to HostGator and HostDime, only two people made it to the Veteran Certification!

"With 5 years of experience with cPanel this test was a challenge to pass. Although I only got to Expert I am confident with more focus and training I can get Master Certified," said Matthew Harris from HostGator The test definitely touches base on Linux knowledge as well as advanced cPanel skills and is a good measure of who really knows cPanel."

Now you maybe thinking, "I just sell cPanel, I don't need to be technically certified." We have you covered! Our sales test is built for showing that you can understand and explain technical details and concepts to customers.

So what are you doing here reading this? Get started with the Base Level Certification!