Oct 5, 2008
After an upcp last night, I'm noticing database errors that have appeared on three separate servers.

The errors:

All three servers suddenly stopped connecting the local MySQL at the same time.

MySQL is running, but I can't figure out why it can no longer connect to the db when nothing has changed on the server. Could this be related to the update?

I've also noticed that cPanel appears to be messing with permissions and ownership for user directories in /home, where they suddenly have only drwx------ permissions when they should have drwx--x--x. For anyone who's experienced this, just run the following:

# cat /etc/userdomains | cut -d: -f 2 > userdomains
# for i in `cat userdomains`; do chmod 755 /home/$i/public_html; done
# for i in `cat userdomains`; do chown $i:$i /home/$i/public_html; done