cPanel (US based) server down for maintenance longer than 48 hrs?


May 28, 2020
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Hi All,
I am running my company website and work Emails using the services of, which relies on cPanel. It has been over 48 hours that we have not been able to receive nor send any Email.

- in Outlook, I get the following message on all my company mails: "Outlook cannot connect to your incoming (POP3) Email server..." (see attached image).

When trying to access CPanel webmail account (Roundcube): the page remains blank when attempting to login using the credentials.

The access has been attempted using different computers, phones, and internet connections.

I have contacted 3 times Godaddy and they stated all the times that the cPanel server my mail is on, in the US, has been under maintenance for 48 hours. This time frame has expired over 6 hours ago, yet the problem continues.

- Is this feedback real?

- What kind of maintenance can last so long? In 4 years of operations, it is the first time we encounter such issue.

Thanks for your support.



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Nov 14, 2017
This would be a question for GoDaddy, there are things that happen that can cause extended downtime like a restore of a hardware server that had a lot of data or outages, there wouldn't be any way for us to know. Your provider should also be able to tell you how to obtain your mail, most likely by providing you a way to connect to the external mail server they use but we wouldn't be able to provide you with this information.