Anupam SG

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Aug 29, 2018
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I'm facing a couple of issues with a cPanel User on my Centos 7.5 server.

1. The cPanel user logs in as Root user, even when the cpanel username is entered on the login screen. The following notification is displayed: "Information: You are logged in as a reseller or root user."
2. The 2 step verification for the cPanel user asks to enter the verification code for "root", and not for the cPanel user - even though it was configured separately for the cPanel user.
3. This user is not able to log-in through FTP as well with the default username/password for respective cPanel account.

I have tried modifying the account through WHM, however, all options are fine there. The account is not reseller account[even if it was, it shouldn't be logging in as root]. There is a different cPanel account which is working as it is supposed to. Any ideas what could be happening?