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Oct 30, 2012
Houston, TX
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Hi there!

We're updating and expanding our video tutorials for cPanel.

They're all in a handy playlist at our YouTube channel:


As new features roll out in upcoming versions, we hope to walk you through them. After all, we're proud of what we're putting together for y'all to help manage your customers and clients, fend of spam, and automate all the automatable things - so why not show 'em off?

The next batch of videos will include walkthroughs of Metrics, Bandwidth, Visitors, Errors, Tracking Delivery, SSL Certificates, PostgreSQL, and style changes.

And after that, we're planning on a series that walks you through the important things to do after you install your cPanel & WHM server.

Are there any demonstrations or concepts that you'd like to see in video format that could help you support your customers?, or help you to better understand how to customize, configure, and brand the platform?

Laurence Simon, Technical Writer II
cPanel, Inc.