Feb 4, 2003
Hoping this is within forum etiquette.

We are moving to a shared server. In our research of which company to transfer too, we discovered some use Plesk and some use CPanel. Separate from the many issues involved with a transfer like this, I have two questions regarding the web hosting software programs.

1.) Regarding CPanel, any advantages, and/or disadvantages to that of Plesk?

2.) Regarding transferring of clients, is it easier to transfer CPanel to Plesk or Plesk to CPanel?

Any additional thoughts or comments will be appreciated.

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Jan 30, 2003
I evaluated both... choose cPanel because I felt it easier for me to manage.

Dont know about migration ease though.


Sep 16, 2015
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I did cpanel => plesk => cpanel

Wordpress tool kits:
Plesk has a wordpress management feature named: wordpress tool kits.
This thing modified the home and site url entries of several of my wordpress installation so that the websites were not available anymore. It didn't ask me.
Plesk also modified the URL of my widgets. It didn't ask me.
Plesk changed the username of my administrator accounts for wordpress. It didn't prompt me.

I think I could sue plesk for such features. Without prompting me Plesk made major changes in my wordpress databases.

Plesk has a repair tool that does not repair all files.

Plesk uses Nginx and Apache. It is very difficult to maintain Nginx (reverse proxy) and Apache together. you never know which web server returns what. For instance, you call a resource, and you wonder, how Plesk modified it? the headers? how apache modified it?
It is very difficult to set up together. It is better to have another approach: Install your website on Cpanel. It is powered by Apache, it is simple to maintain. Then, if you have hundreds of visitors simultaneously, move to Nginx.

I had major memory leaks with plesk. It was due I think to some missing modules. It means that the memory used to increase until 4GB and i restarted and it started over.
It took me month to solve the problem.

The support of plesk needs a monthly subscription. I subscribed. I asked to fix a problem. They where not able to do it. I had to cancel the subscription.