cPanel Webmail Login Page not displaying


Aug 21, 2012
Spokane, Washington, United States
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
So I was rolling down the CSF "Check Server Security" list trying to close up some of the potential security threats. When I started this process I had no problem getting into WHM, cPanel, and Webmail (I don't use WebDAV, but I would bet it was working too)

I believe the problems started as when I got down to flipping off the Proxy options. Shenanigans ensued.

Currently I have still have access to both WHM and cPanel logins/interfaces. It is my understanding that the cpsrvd is what controls all of the external interface access (WHM,cPanel,Webmail,WebDAV). This is the part that doesn't make sense to me, if I have access to WHM and cPanel I figured I would have access to Webmail by default. In addition this is giving me a timeout error, not a bad location failure.

What I have done:
  • I started by trying to reset the proxy settings to where they were prior to the issues, no joy.
  • I used the script to reset the proxy in the apache conf. No Help
  • I turned off my personal firewall to see if I was somehow blocking outbound ports to the server
  • I checked through the message log to find any blocks on the webmail port during an access request
  • I rebuilt apache to try and unbork anything I unintentially broke while flipping switches
  • I did a graceful restart to attempt to get the service back up

Other Information:
The SMTP, IMAP and POP3 connectors are working just fine at the moment and I am recieving/able to send mail from both my email clients as well as from PHP mail scripts.

TL;DR: Webmail login page isn't displaying even though WHM and cPanel are