cpanel & WHM 11.30.5 (build 2) bandwidth limit autosuspend


Dec 13, 2009
Dear All,

I have issue with bandwidth limit auto suspend feature that cpanel enable the client to pass his bandwidth limit and after two or
more hours is suspend it but i want to make it suspend the account immediately.


I have one domain that have 2MB bandwidth limit, but when i watch video from that domain or browsing it and then go to see
the bandwidth usage it show me it is 5MB/2MB so it is passed his limit but cpanel doesn't suspend it immediately, but after
two or more hours it suspend it and send email notification with usage 5MB/2MB, so how to fix this and make cpanel auto suspend
it immediately after his limit reached 2MB/2MB.



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Oct 2, 2010
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You cannot force it to suspend immediately as this won't be noticed for 2 hours due to the following setting in WHM > Statistics Software Configuration area:

Bandwidth Processing Frequency
Process bandwidth every 2 hours.
cPanel cannot process bandwidth constantly without causing possible load issues with the server. You could change the frequency to 1 hour instead if you prefer, but the bandwidth doesn't update automatically and only updates when the account bandwidth is actually processed at 2 hour intervals.