Jun 15, 2009

Here's my set up:

I currently have a VM on my windows box here at my site. It currently hosts CentOS and cPanel/WHM without Fantastico... I think.

Anyways, the issue here is: I am on a business Comcast line, but my network setup is like this: Router gets the dedicated IP. All other computers, including the VM that the CentOS/cPanel/WHM install is on, gets their IPs from the router.

How would I get it to stop showing 192.168.1.x and show the public-facing IP, rather than the private IP?

Or do I have to redo my network and set it up so that the server VM receives the internet-facing IP? =/

It works... sort of. As long as I remember to edit the e-mails to show the actual internet-facing server IP. It just makes me twitch at seeing the internal network IP right inside the test cPanel, revealing WHICH computer is actually hosting the darned VM!

Is there a way for me to do this?