cPanel+WHM MailScanner Gateway?


Jun 15, 2004
Does anyone have any experience setting up MailScanner on a cPanel+WHM system to act as a Scan-and-Forward email gateway? I'd like to be able to scan mail for clients who operate their own on-site mail servers, but I'm not sure about the best way to configure this on cPanel+WHM based systems.

The most elegant solution that I can think of would be to have the cPanel server representing the lowest MX record for the domain and forwarding to a "private" mail server that delivers the mail locally. It would be great if a list of accepted addresses on the on-site server could be grabbed from text files or from an LDAP lookup.

Has anyone gotten a head start on me with this or does anyone have any other suggestions? It can be done without reworking the landscape of a cPanel system... right?