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Jan 1, 2012
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It is becoming popular to run cloud servers (VPS). But I cannot find good resources when the “power” of the virtual server changes. This means: a) adding more vCPU, b) adding more RAM, c) adding more disk space?

When this happens? Do we "reboot” the cloud server? Or it is something the system can help us set up transparently?

I am particularly concerned about the disk space increase issue. For example, we have the MySQL database under /var by default in cPanel. If we increase disk space, does this new space go to e.g. /home2 only? Or something else will happen? It would be bad we can only get more space at /home but not other directories as e.g. we may run out of space for MySQL databases at /var.

Any ideas everyone???


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

It seems like these questions are aimed more towards a specific virtualization platform. For instance, if you decide to use OpenVZ, you would get better answers from the OpenVZ support team or forums. That being said, yes, typically you must reboot a VPS after modifying it's resource allotment. As far as disk space partitions, we only recommend using a single partition:

cPanel - Installation Guide

Thank you.