cPanel/WHM Setup on Amazon EC2


Sep 11, 2011
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I'm trying to go through WHM/cPanel initial setup wizard, after it's been installed on an Amazon EC2 instance.

Would you know the answers to or have experience with the following:

  • Primary Resolver

  • Secondary Resolver

  • Current IP Address/New IP Address: the default entered here is the private internal address and is not removable. Should the public IP be added too or not?

  • Hostname and "A Entry" for Hostname: could the public DNS provided by Amazon be used as the hostname and should the private IP be entered as its A Entry or the public IP?

  • Nameservers: would it be possible to use the public DNS provided by Amazon to access the instance, instead of registering a new domain and registering name servers with a registrar? If yes, then what would be the nameservers (as used by Amazon) and what would be their IP address?

Overall, do you know if running cPanel on EC2 is ideal (due to the NAT conflict) or is there an alternative you could recommend?

Thanks in advance


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Oct 2, 2010
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