Mar 14, 2007

My server currently has WHM 11.15.0 cPanel 11.18.3-R21703. Appreciate if anyone could advise me on the issues/things to do, if I need to upgrade to the latest version.

Hope everything will be fine after the click of button "Click to upgrade"!!




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Feb 25, 2010
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The one issue that should be checked first is to make sure that your server is not still using mbox for mail storage. Based on your version number, it should have been converted to Maildir a long time ago, but it would be good to check before updating cPanel. To check, run /scripts/convert2maildir, and look to see if Maildir is enabled. You should see this:

# /scripts/convert2maildir 
        ____                  _
    ___|  _ \ __ _ _ __   ___| |
   / __| |_) / _` | '_ \ / _ \ |
  | (__|  __/ (_| | | | |  __/ |
   \___|_|   \__,_|_| |_|\___|_|
   Mail Directory (maildir) Conversion System 

NOTE: For users using POP accounts, converted messages will appear as new and will download twice. Users should re-download their messages after the conversion completes.

maildir is enabled

1) Restore system to mbox (non-maildir) state.
2) Convert partially converted mail accounts
3) Attempt to finish a failed conversion
*) Exit
Enter Selection---]
If you see "maildir is enabled", then no action is needed. You can type * to exit the script.

If by chance the server is still using mbox, it needs to be converted. This can take a considerable amount of time, depending on how many mail accounts exist and how much mail is in each mailbox.

Like I said, it should already be using Maildir, but it is worth checking.

Your version of cPanel is now relatively old, but the update should be successful. If any issues do arise, please submit a ticket and we will help to correct them.