CPanel with 3 lan connections ?


Sep 3, 2010

one of our client need to have 3 nics, with 3 different lan's ... :

eth0 -> our public internet network (in our first range of 255 IP addresses)
eth1 -> our "private" and second internet network (in our second range of 255 IP addresses)
eth2 -> our internal backups network

Our client need to connect to the server using a "no-public" connection, to do VPN, so i suggested to use our second network, on eth1.

The server is answering correctly on eth0, but eth1 is strange ...
It answer on everything from our first internet network AND from our second internet network.
This is great, but eth1 do not answer from the outside of our network ... :(
I double checked the firewall on our second network, everything is open to that IP address.
If i do a FTP connection, then the firewall show me a Allowed log, so i do not think that the firewall is the cause.
The local firewall (csf) should be ok, because our DSL ip address is whitelisted.

I tested to add the eth1 ip address in the CPanel free IP addresses, and added a fake site with that IP ad a dedicated address. No way, the server don't answer from the outside ...

Also, we have a windows server in that second network, and he is able to access the server on the eth1 ip address, ftp, http, everything works nice ... but only from our network :(

Do anybody have such a experience, and know how to make it work ?

Thanks to let me know.
Best regards