cPanel with services distributed in multiple arrays


Sep 12, 2014
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Hello Everybody,

This is my second post, I'm new here

Windows Administrator's Servers, I'm going to start now to administer Linux servers

I set up a server with CloudLinux + cPanel

My problem is disk performance. Don't agree to put all services in a single array.

I saw that on installation everything is placed in a single array. (one unit)

I have 4 Storages available for 1 big server, would like to use as follows:

array 1 = server = operating system and programs
array 2 = storage 1 = websites
array 3 = storage 2 = emails
array 4 = storage 3 = databases
array 5 = storage 4 = backup

I'm starting in the Administration on Linux
I researched a lot on google on how to set this up, but not too much
in cPanel tb not found the options to separate each type of service in a specific array

a friend of the forum knows configure it?

anyone knows any documentation that you speak about it?

is there any tutorial?

Thank you very much


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I have moved this thread to the "Optimization" forum. You should receive more user-feedback here.

Thank you.