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Cpanel XP 2004-Integrated with Modernbill,WHM AutoPilot,ClientExec,LPanel&WHOISCart

Discussion in 'User Experience' started by Roy@ENHOST, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Roy@ENHOST

    Roy@ENHOST Well-Known Member

    Mar 5, 2002
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    Los Angeles California
    Cpanel XP 2004

    Cpanel XP might just be the only Cpanel add-on you will ever need. This is not your usual Cpanel Skin, Packed with User friendly interface and powerful features, you can easily impress potential Web Hosting customers. This hosting market is saturated. When thousands of webhosts out there are offering the default skin, you can differentiate yourself and make the decision for potential customers an easy one. With Cpanel XP they are going to choose you! Why make it hard for them and yourself?

    Features in brief:

    ? User Friendly Interface

    ? Feature Enabled - Your reseller can turn features on and off via WebHost Manager

    ? Degrades with Grace - You will not see an ugly hollow like the default skin when a feature is disabled

    ? Multilingual - 13 Languages at the time of writing and new languages are added every now and then. Click here to see the progress for the upcoming language translations

    Current Languages:
    1. Dutch
    2. English
    3. French
    4. Indonesian
    5. Italian
    6. Portuguese
    7. Russian
    8. Spanish(Latin America),
    9. Spanish(European Espana)
    10.Brazillian Portuguese
    11.Chinese (Traditional)

    ? Very Customizable - We will be adding guides and plugin mods to the Resources & Mods section to you can further customize your Cpanel skin.

    ? Language Aware - You can add your own language to the skin.

    ? Easy Installation - You don't have to be a rocket scientist to install Cpanel XP 2004.

    ? Supports Fantastico & Source Matrix - Cpanel XP autodetects Fantastico & Source Matrix Scripts installers click here for the screenshot.

    ? Flash Tutorials - Flash tutorials will be added every now and then. Go to the Resources & Mods page to view the available ones right now.

    ? Easy migration from other cpanel skins - Migrating many accounts to Cpanel XP 2004? Our cpanel theme migration script will take care of that so you don't have to do it manually.

    ? Theme Changer - For the first time ever, end users who had no access to Webhost Manager can choose their own theme (x skin, x2 skin, bluelagoon,etc) instead of relying on you and your resellers, freeing up time for tech support request due to theme changing.

    Click here to see the video of this REVOLUTIONARY feature.

    Click here to see Cpanel XP 2004 in action (VIDEO)

    ? Billing Plugins - Cpanel XP 2004 comes with the following billing modules:
    Modernbill, WHM AutoPilot, ClientExec, LPanel & WHOISCart

    This will be convenient for clients as billing can now be accessed from Cpanel XP 2004 instead of different areas. Login Info can be stored so clients don't have to enter their login info everytime they need to access the billing area.Your resellers can be using different billing too,as the modules work at both server owner and reseller level.

    Here is why you should offer Cpanel XP:

    ? Differentiate yourself - Thousands of webhosts out there are offering the default cpanel skin. If everyone is offering the same product what makes people want to buy from you?Why get lost in the crowd when you can stand out?Your company will present itself as an established company with Cpanel XP 2004. Get Cpanel XP 2004 and see your signup rate skyrocket!

    ? Increase your market share - Don't limit your client base to only English speaking customers. With our Multilingual cpanel skin, you can acquire customers from various different countries. Imagine having additional customers from Brazil, Italy, Portual, Indonesia, Malaysia, France and Russia, etc...

    ? Alleviate Customer Support Burden - More than 50% of the customer support questions can be avoided. Our Multilingual Flash tutorials will show your customers how to accomplish tasks visually.
    Multilingual feature also decrease customer support tickets by helping customers with language problems understand their control panel better.

    ? Security - Features such as SSH/Telnet can be turned off to avoid pranks and activities that can harm your server. Avoid other Cpanel skins out there that has no Feature Manager support !

    BUY : $97
    LEASE : $7/mth lease
    Leasing is a perfect way of trying out Cpanel and it eliminates the overhead, so there is no excuse to not empowering your web hosting with Cpanel XP anymore! For the price of one hosting account, you can have the power to impress and please hundreds of customers and potential customers.

    Click here to purchase/lease

    We take leasing via paypal too

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    We also offer integration of any skin (Cpanel X skin, monsoon cpanel skin, Bluelagoon Cpanel skin,etc) with your existing site design. Take a look at the sample:
    Only $30 (for a limited time)
    Send a PM if you are interested in integration
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Go to to check out this Cpanel Skin !!!
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  2. Roy@ENHOST

    Roy@ENHOST Well-Known Member

    Mar 5, 2002
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    Los Angeles California
    We would like to announce that customers who purchased Cpanel XP 2004 before the launch of our WHM XP 2004 Webhost Manager theme will get the WHM theme for free.
    After the launch WHM XP 2004 will be offered at $40.

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