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Aug 16, 2001
I was hopping somewhere might have the manual(s) for CPanel XP/CpanelAPP. I have been trying at their site for days and no responses (tickets and forum requests). I am just looking for the manual to try and learn the ends and outs. Thanks in advance.

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Mar 5, 2002
Los Angeles California
If you have submitted a ticket, you will be provided with a Ticket ID.
Please email your Ticket ID to me at mail [atsign] cpanelskindepot.com
We pride ourselves on the quality of our support. Almost all our tickets are responded to & resolved within 24 hrs.
Unless yours is an isolated case, I believe that it has been responded to.
Cpanel SKin Depot Forums is not an official support medium, you should only depend on it to receive members-to-members assistance.