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Aug 16, 2001
June 28, 2002

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LAHostNet Expands Service with World's First Fully Skinned Virtual Hosting Software Client

CA, USA June 28, 2002 - LAHostNet.Com, a fast growing provider of managed hosting solutions, today announced the release of cPanelGUI, the web hosting industry's first commercially available virtual hosting software of it's kind.

CpanelGUI is paving the way for a new trend in web site virtual hosting software. Users can now manage every aspect of their website from their familiar Windows desktop, with no need to login to an often unfamiliar and clumsy web interface.

CpanelGUI backend is powered by Cpanel4, the most popular web hosting management software, used by thousands of web host providers around the world. The easy to use CpanelGUI front-end, coupled with Cpanel back-end, has created the worlds most powerful web host management solution available today.

CpanelGUI has taken the software one step further and developed a fully skinned client. The Skin technology used in CpanelGUI allows the user to totally control the looks of the program changing it completely. Programs such as Microsoft's Windows Media Player, Winamp, Neoplanet and now Cpanel users, with the help of CpanelGUI, give the user a way to personalize the look and feel of their software.

Designed and developed by and commercially available at, cPanelGUI is available for web hosts currently using CPANEL4 to manage their servers. In addition to a built-in tabbed interface web browser with pop-up prevention, other examples of features available to end-users include, multiple account management, viewing web mail, web statistics, creating email accounts, chat rooms, creating support tickets, mailing lists and more.

&Industry reports explosive growth in the managed hosting market in the next five years. Our new control panel gives web host companies a competitive advantage in this explosive market. By creating a simple and user-friendly interface, we help customers reduce time to market and accelerate their business model. We believe customers will enjoy the personalized look and feel they can now give their control panel software, along with the added ease and convenience of the Windows desktop,& remarked Brad Larned, product support.

cPanelGUI software is designed for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
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cPanelGUI is designed and produced in association with the cPanelGUI Group and LAHostNet.