Cpanellogd takes ages to process log files...


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Jul 23, 2004
I have a problem with Cpanellogd:
Even if the server`s load is low it just doesn`t do anything. I.e. when looking at the process using top cpanellogd and awstats etc. are always "sleeping" and if I want to manually process a customer`s log file it takes hours to process a log file with only 500 lines. When I am looking at the process with top it is always sleeping and the total processing time it uses within 30 minutes is usually around 10 seconds so it has only been running for like 10 seconds in 30 minutes. All that while the server load is at 1 or 0.5 even if I configure Cpanel not to suspend log file processing unless the load reaches 10 or something.
As a result of this the stats do not get updated anymore. Of course I have made sure that cpanellogd is working (tried restarting Cpanel, too) and that log file processing is not suspended at the time when I tried...

Any ideas ?