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Aug 5, 2010
Brisbane, AU
Hi there,

Both processes (cpanellogd & updatedb) seem to run very resouce intensive on our servers. Normally the server load is fine between 1-2, but as soon as one (or both) of the process kick in, the load spikes.

I'd like to find out more about the processes, if they are really necessary for us, how to deactivate/manage them.

I understand that cpanellogd is calculating bandwidth data per account, is that correct?
I found many forum threads point to the Statistics Software Configuration and Schedule Configuration to controll the cpanellogs process. For some reason cpanellogd still runs during the hours that are ticked. There is one process cpanellogs - sleeping for logs, but another one calculating bandwidth for ... or similiar. Not sure why the process is still running? The server time is set correctly.

I think updatedb is refreshing the database for command like locate. Correct?
Is there a way to configure a schedule for updatedb like it is possible for cpanellogd?

A bit more info about our servers:
We have basically 2 kind of server. Mail and Web server. Pretty straight forward. Some of the server are very full (by full I mean a lot of accounts with rather small usage)

Hope someone can shed some light on it :)



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Mar 28, 2007
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Hi bmett

We use a cron to disable cpanellogd every morning at 8AM and switch it back on at 6PM. That keeps the loads low during the business day, and hasn't caused any problems in the ~2 years we've been doing this.

We don't allow updatedb to run. Just removed the entry from cron.


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Nov 5, 2001
We have the same problem. Seems like the settings in "Statistics Software Configuration and Schedule Configuration " are not respected since cpanellogd runs anyway. When we disable it manually, it takes even longer the next time it runs in order to "catch up".

The best we can do is put faster drives into the server to minimize disk io. (SSD all the way.)
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