cPanel’s tiered update system; New plans for the LTS tier


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From over on the cPanel Blog:

cPanel’s tiered update system; New plans for the LTS tier

cPanel & WHM’s tiered update system has long allowed us to release new versions and features in stages. Each tier provides us access to a different type of feedback from a specific segment of our user-base.

The EDGE tier is a non-production tier that allows us to incorporate feedback from our users in an earlier and more actionable stage of our development cycle, and gives third party developers a chance to test their applications against new versions of the software. The CURRENT, RELEASE, and STABLE tiers are production-ready tiers, and help us deliver a consistent experience to our users. Additionally, coupled with a deferred rollout they allow us to triage any bugs that aren’t caught in our pre-release testing. The LTS tier allows users to stay on a single major release until they choose to upgrade to the next major version, while still receiving bug fixes and security updates.

Starting in 2017: One LTS Release per Year

As of January 2017 we will only be adding a single new version of cPanel & WHM to the LTS tier. Under the new model the first release of a new calendar year will enter the LTS tier at the same time as it enters the STABLE tier. The rest of the release tiers will update regularly with the new versions of cPanel & WHM as we traverse through our regular development cycle. There will be some overlap of support for the existing version and the new version in the LTS tier, but the length of that overlap has not yet been defined.

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