Aug 11, 2006
Hey everyone, I'm posting because a couple of hours ago I got phone calls from my clients on the webserver I manage for them that the memory usage was rather high, and they were afraid their queries against the DB might crash the server. So I looked into it, and it came out that cpanelsync, one of the scripts, was being run as root, had been going for well over 2 hours, and was sucking up 67% of ram and about 50% of swap...... alone.

So, I killed the PID, and everything seems to be back to normal. What I want to know is, am I going to have todo this everytime, or is that a rare occurence, or is that a head scratcher? I'm still relatively new to the products (used to doing it the old fashion way of command line management), so I don't know if killing that process hosed something, or if it will re-run at a later date. Thanks!