cpbackup-exclude.conf ignored until AFTER account size limit checked?


Apr 11, 2011

First, I apologize in advance if I'm not clear or in the wrong section. I'm quite the novice where cPanel is concerned :(

So, I'm trying to run a cPanel backup of my web hosting account at a popular hosting provider. I'm not sure if it's their specific policy or something else, but it would appear that I am unable to backup an account that exceeds 4GB in size. In hopes of a solution, I did some research and learned about the cpbackup-exclude.conf file and usage. I successfully created the file with just ONE directory listed...this one directory is 99% of my disk usage, and by excluding it, I'm WELL under the 4GB limit (not to mention, the contents of this folder change very rarely, so I'm fine with manually backing this folder up on my own from time to time).

Trouble is, it appears that whatever (provider? cPanel?) is enforcing this 4GB rule will NOT acknowledge the exclusion file I've created until AFTER it's done it's size check.

Could anyone shed some light on this for me? Or better yet, let me know how I might be able to resolve this?