cpbackup Notifications - Possible Error


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Feb 3, 2011
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Last week we had a power outage that sadly rebooted one of our Cpanel server along with the backed server. Both came back online just fine however the Cpanel didn't auto remount the backup. This has since been fixed.

The strange problem is when the backups ran I got the cpbackup Notification txt to my phone like normal and it said "[cpbackup] Completed at Sun Nov 6 01:01:14 2011" and so on like normal. So I assumed everything was fine. Well the problem is that the backup didn't run because the mounted path wasn't there. Viewing the backup logs shows this. I only happened to stumble on this when I went to restore a file of my own from the backup only to see backups haven't been updating for the past week.

I would like to see the txt/email notification to state one or more errors occurred if there are some in the log file.


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Oct 2, 2010
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This appears to be a feature request for revising the notification email. Would you like me to move this thread over to that feature request area instead?